18 Creative Ways to Use AI-Generated Music in the Classroom

Innovative and practical uses for AI-generated music for educators, to help energize and engage your students (and yourself)!


6/10/20244 min read

1) Awareness

Introduce new topics or subjects with engaging AI-generated music. A catchy tune can pique students' interest and provide a memorable entry point into the lesson. This approach can help set the tone and context for the material that follows.

Sample Prompt: "Generate a fun and upbeat song to introduce the topic of fractions."
Sample Song: https://suno.com/song/a75c76b7-e2fd-41f4-80b4-10eea5e61fea

2) Background Music

Enhance live storytelling sessions, podcasts, or video with background music. AI-generated tracks can create atmosphere and immersion, bringing stories and projects to life and making them more captivating for students.

Sample Prompt: "Generate a magical and whimsical background track for a fairy tale storytelling session."

3) Brain Breaks and Movement

Incorporate music into brain breaks and movement activities. AI-generated songs can energize students and provide a fun way to incorporate physical activity into the school day, helping to refresh and refocus their minds.

Sample Prompt: "Generate an energetic and fun song for a 5-minute classroom dance break."
Sample Song: https://open.spotify.com/track/1QLNdMWIggcx9ZPlIVBb8q?si=e4bc752140cf4732

4) Celebrations

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with personalized songs. AI-generated music can be used to create unique and festive tracks that add a special touch to classroom celebrations, making students feel valued and appreciated.

Sample Prompt: "Generate a joyful song for a Miss Kathryn's zoo-themed birthday celebration."
Sample Song: https://suno.com/song/feee2264-d5ec-48bc-bfb0-e6485eaacc33

5) Classroom Routines and Transitions

Smooth classroom routines and transitions with custom music. AI-generated songs can signal clean-up times, transitions between activities, or the end of the day, helping to manage the classroom environment and keep students on track.

Sample Prompt: "Create a short, cheerful song to signal clean-up time in the classroom."
Sample Song: https://suno.com/song/52e4dc58-2688-47b2-b5e3-e743ce8a442a

6) Faux-Historical Music for History Lessons

Bring history lessons to life with period-specific music. AI-generated tracks can replicate the musical styles of different eras, providing a cultural context that enriches students' understanding of historical events and periods.

Sample Prompt: "Generate Renaissance-style music for a lesson on the Renaissance period."

7) Field Trip or Event Psych Up

Get students excited for field trips or school events with custom music. AI-generated tracks can build anticipation and set a positive tone, enhancing the overall experience and making these activities more memorable.

Sample Prompt: "Create an upbeat and exciting song to build excitement for an upcoming field trip."

8) Interest-Based Music

Incorporate students' interests into the curriculum by creating music about their favorite topics, like robots or sea monsters. This personalized approach can increase engagement and enthusiasm for learning, as students connect with the material on a personal level.

Sample Prompt: "Create an adventurous song about sea monsters for a marine biology lesson."

9) Language Learning

Use songs to aid in language learning. AI-generated music can help students practice pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm in new languages, making the learning process more interactive and enjoyable.

Sample Prompt: "Create a song to help students learn basic Spanish greetings and phrases."

10) Mantras

If there is a message, a topic, or a mantra that you want to help instill in your students, custom AI songs can be a great way to share that message.

Sample Song: https://open.spotify.com/track/716c80hfZlKzob0qhTZ2Bc?si=cae5c90ca15f4e41

11) Meditation or Relaxation

Create a calm and focused classroom environment with AI-generated music for meditation or relaxation. These tracks can help students unwind, reduce stress, and improve concentration, contributing to a more positive and productive learning experience.

Sample Prompt: "Create a soothing and calming track for a classroom meditation session."

12) Memorization

Using AI-generated songs can make memorization fun and engaging for students. Songs can be crafted to help students remember vocabulary words, concepts, or sequences. This method leverages music's natural ability to aid memory retention, making learning more enjoyable and effective.

Sample Prompt: "Create a catchy song to help students memorize the order of the planets."

13) Musical Timers

Use musical timers to manage classroom activities. AI-generated songs can act as auditory cues for timing tasks or transitions, helping to maintain a smooth flow and keep students aware of the time.

Sample Prompt: "Generate a 2-minute countdown song for a classroom activity transition."

14) Personalization

Personalize songs by adding names, places, or specific details to make them more relevant and exciting for listeners. Customizing music in this way can make learning experiences more meaningful and memorable for students.

Sample Prompt: "Create a personalized song that includes the names of all students in the class and their favorite activities."

15) Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) Concepts

Use AI-generated music to teach Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) concepts. Songs can address themes like empathy, self-awareness, and relationship skills, providing an engaging way for students to explore and internalize these important ideas.

Sample Prompt: "Generate a song about empathy and understanding others' feelings."
Sample Song:

16) Student Projects

Encourage students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic through music. AI tools can help them create songs that summarize key points or concepts, fostering creativity and reinforcing learning in a memorable way.

Sample Prompt: "Create a project plan for 6th grade students in which they demonstrate knowledge of the water cycle by creating an original song with AI."

17) Teaching Musical Form and Structure

Use AI-generated music to teach the fundamentals of musical form and structure. By analyzing and creating songs, students can gain a deeper understanding of musical elements such as verse, chorus, and bridge, enhancing their overall musical literacy.

Sample Prompt: "Generate a song that demonstrates the structure of verse, chorus, and bridge."
Sample Song: https://open.spotify.com/track/7aapALWwg3s6ugrromhS5Q?si=f4656322c388473e

18) Thematic Songs for Performances

Thematic songs tailored for special occasions like Veterans Day or Graduation can enhance school performances. AI-generated music can be customized to reflect the event's significance, adding a personal and meaningful touch to these important milestones.

Sample Prompt: "Create an inspiring song for a school graduation ceremony."

Using AI-generated music in the classroom can make learning more fun and engaging - for teachers and students. From helping students memorize facts, to creating personalized birthday songs, the possibilities are endless. Click through the slideshow below to view some examples of AI-generated songs, and then keep reading for the list of ideas you can use to create your own musical generations.

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