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How to link to a Google Form within a Google Slide (or other document)

One of the most common question comments I get on my “How to Make an Escape Room” YouTube videos have to do with linking the Google Form “lock” to the Google slide “Room.” This blog post will show you just how to do that.

(This process would also work to share a Google Form link in basically any document or LMS where you can link external URLs.)

Step 1:  Create your Google Form.

If you already have a google account, you can just type forms.new into your web browser to start a new form.  Create at least one question.

(P.S. There are tons of ways you can customize and gamify a Google Form, but I find the basic interface very intuitive.)

Step 2: Get the “send” link for your form.

Click on the “Send” button in the upper right hand corner of your form builder screen.

purple Send button in upper right hand corner

Step 3:  Click on the “link” icon in the pop up window that appears.

Google documents typically default to a “share via email” option, but that is rarely what you want. Click on the “link” icon to reveal the “send link” for your form.

Link Icon is the second one

Step 4:  Click the “copy” button.

This will copy your very long “send” link to your device’s clipboard.  (Shown in the image above.)

Step 5: Paste the link you have copied wherever you want it added.

You could paste the link as-is into an email or onto a document or page. You could also “hide” the link by adding it to a specific word in your text, by highlighting that word and then adding the link.

To add your Forms link into a Google Slides document, so that the viewer will jump to the form when they click on an image, keep reading.

Step 6:  Open your Google Slide and select the image you want linked. 

(In this case, it is the “key panel” image by the door.)

Key panel image is highlighted

Step 7:  While the item is selected, find and click the same “link” icon you saw when getting the send link in your Google form.

Insert Link Icon

Step 8:  Paste the link into the box that appears, and click “Apply.”

Paste link and click apply

That’s it!  You’ve successfully added a Google Form link into a Google Slide.  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

P.S. The escape room seen in these screenshots, is available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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  1. How do you post were the students can click their time left on the escape room? I was going to do that with google form and I did watch the video but I was not for sure about how to do that once they get the answer right.

    1. Great question! I just add this as a follow-up question in the section of the form that contains the “You Escaped” message. Then, as long as the participant submits the form, I have access to that time data. (The challenge is, they don’t necessarily have to submit the form to see if they escaped, so the data you get might be incomplete.) Hope this helps!

  2. Hallo Amanda,
    First of all: thank you so much for your very understandable turorial about your escaperoom. I made one for my colleagues at the emergency department at Amsterdam (Netherlands). I do have one question: is it possible that the colleagues click the link for a clue and stay on the slide, in the escaperoom? In my escaperoom, when you click a hyperlink for a clue, a new tab in my browser opens. What do I do wrong?
    Thanks again for all your tutorials (I’ve even made a website, with the help of your tutorial). They’re very helpfull.

    1. Wow, thank you – I’m always excited when folks in other countries are using my resources!

      To answer your question, the short answer is “kind of.” If you are linking to other slides in a single presentation, it can open that slide in the same tab. If you are linking to tools or resources outside of the google slide, it will always open in a new window. Also, if you have a timer on your “room slide,” you will definitely want to have everything open up in a new window, though, otherwise the timer will start over every time you return to the main room, so that is why most of the escape rooms I create are all “new tab” links. If you have other questions, let me know!

  3. Incredible amazing creative methods to help student classroom have collective escapreoom to understand , get insite via chat gpt side bars .One of earlier methods regards to clue with gar model is put clue in the forms , the remote team via comments the key words filling blanks exam , after reading and writing based on precise resume model writing to the high school , college students , all find the same key words with timer based on initial correct clue game to reduce the time of learning via reading , writing , creative collective feed back game too

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