Digital Marketing Portfolio, 2022


I am a multi-passionate, techie-minded creative who loves learning new tools and creating new processes.

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I have experience with the following email Marketing Tools:

  • Mailerlite.  (Click HERE to access a sample e-mail training course I created for Oklahoma City University instructors.)
  • FluentCRM. (Click HERE to sign up for my “Educational Escape Room Beta Squad)
  • Outlook.  (I often utilize the “Delay Sending” feature in Outlook to pre-write and send 2 different weekly newsletters — a “Tuesday 2-Minute TuneUp” and a “Friday Finds” series — to instructors at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.) 

Specifically related to digital marketing, I am a member of Wandering Aimfully, which provides access to training, templates, and resources pertaining to digital marketing and online business coaching.  I use a lot of their content for the purpose of increasing instructor engagement with my department at Francis Tuttle, but it obviously would pertain to a digital marketing position as well.

I currently use WordPress to create and manage several different websites:

All of these pages were created with the Kadence theme and Elementor page builder.

I have also use a few other web-design platforms, including:

I have some experience with WooCommerce, but currently sell all of my digital products through external storefront sites:

I am not a frequent poster to social media, but I have experience with the following platforms:

As I am starting to re-focus on my music writing business and social media, I plan to focus on platforms that also function as search engines (YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok), using SEO and keyword research to drive traffic to my pages with organic searches.

I have experience with the following project management/CRM tools:

  • Notion (this one is my favorite – I use it for my content calendar, help request ticketing system, project planning, and more!)
  • Airtable (because of its lovely embed feature, I currently use it for my music catalog embeds at
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Bandcamp

All of the graphics, images, and written copy on the pages linked above were created by me.

Please let me know if you would like to see any additional examples of graphic design & copywriting.

If you have any questions about these or other digital-marketing-related skills, please contact me at 😎