Professor Songmaker

A custom GPT to help you create education and engaging AI-powered songs


6/10/20241 min read

Looking for an AI that can help you create custom songs to use in your classroom and beyond? Check out Professor Songmaker.

Professor Songmaker is a custom GPT that I created to combine best practices for educational content along with best practices of songwriting. This chatbot will ask you some questions and collaborate with you to generate both song lyrics and a description of the song style that can be used in other AI-powered tools.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Click on the image above (or here) to open Professor Songmaker in a new tab. You will be prompted to sign up for (or log into) a free ChatGPT account in order to use this custom GPT.

  2. Talk with the chatbot like you would talk to a colleague. Begin by explaining what kind of song you would like to create, and answer the questions provided. (Pro Tip: Use SHIFT>ENTER to go to a new line without submitting your response.)

  3. Once your lyrics and song description have been created, you will then need to paste those lyrics into a song generation tool such as Suno or Udio.

If you have any questions about Professor Songmaker, please ask in the comments below.

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