Summer Workshop: STEAM Soundtracks


5/1/20242 min read

This summer, in the following venues:

Francis Tuttle Technology Center
ISTELive 24 Conference
TCEA "AI for Educators" Conference

1. Learn to Create Audio Content:
Use free, web-based tools to create audio content, including music tracks and podcasts.

2. AI Integration:
How can AI be optionally integrated into their audio creation process, enhancing efficiency and creativity?

3. Skill Tree:
Track and communicate progress throughout workshop using a shared Skill Tree document.

4. Student Projects:
Brainstorm student projects that involve audio content creation, encouraging student engagement and STEAM learning.

5. Ethical and Safe Practices:
Discuss safe, ethical, and legal use of digital tools (including AI), protecting intellectual rights and property.

6. Adapt to Educational Challenges:
Learn strategies to adapt to current challenges in education, including the need to work with and around AI technology, using this project as an example and template.

Workshop Objectives

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